Black Point first visit

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Happy Valentines Day 2013, Radeen

We ran 45 NM today, under motor and main sail with staysail, reaching Black Point settlement in the Exumas. This is our first visit to the village and we obviously have a lot to learn about the wonderful people and their town. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we decided to take Radeen out for a nice dinner, considering she has cooked 3 meals a day for the past 6 days!

We phoned Lorraine’s Cafe and ordered three lobster dinners. Arriving at 1830, we were treated to an open bar, where you go behind the bar and make your own drinks. Then the lobsters arrived, broiled and baked, served with corn and rice and mac’n cheese. Fantastic! Dessert was warm chocolate cake with pink frosting and cheesecake, with Valentine’s candies. We enjoyed meeting Lorraine, who made us feel so welcome. Radeen really enjoyed herself and we were happy to take her out for such a lovely evening!

Fuel and Water Fri-Thur, Miami to Highbourne Cay
25 gal Diesel at $5.71 per gallon and
75 gallons of water at $.50 per gallon

Tomorrow, we will run the last 45 miles to George Town ahead of a new frontal system and 30 knot winds expected to blow on Sat night into Sun. We will deliver Jeff to GT on time for his beach rental scheduled for Feb 17th. From there, we will slow down, take our time and explore south of GT and then we will head north, exploring all the spots we missed on our trip south. After our Exumas exploration, we will head north to the Abacos.  Overall, it has been easier getting here than expected, but it certainly has bigger water and feels much more remote than the Abacos.

Here are some photos of today….

One of the many motor yachts cruising this area

Radeen, passed out, reading her book of the day….rough!

Motor sailing into 10-15 knots of south winds!

At Black Point, the dinghy looks like it is hovering above the water,
instead of resting on it. This water is sooooooo clear!

Jeff and Hayden working the open bar at Lorraine’s Cafe

Our anchor chain running out in the clear waters 

Hayden and Radeen at dinner at Lorraine’s Cafe, Black Point, Exumas.
Note the Valentine’s Day decorations!

Tomorrow, we will make the last 46 mile run from here, Black Point, to George Town, off the Banks in deep ocean water. We need to be anchored down for the high winds and cold front approaching. Winds are expected to exceed 30 knots so we need to get ready…..

Life is great aboard our cruising sailboat……thanks for sailing along

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