Black Point Exumas

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…Hayden, Radeen, and Lee…

We had another one of those dream sailing days, sailing 50 nm from Highbourne Cay to Black Point in 25 gusting 30 on a broad reach. Island Packets love this wind, so we simply sailed a full 135% jib only and did 6.5 to 7.0 knots all day long. That is why we sailed right past all the great spots we wanted to re-explore like Warderick Wells and Cambridge Cay. We will hit these places on our way north, we think, but with the strong fronts and high winds and it being February, we wanted to get as far south as we could. We sailed all day and reached Black Point by 3;30pm with less than one hour of total engine time. Black Point is a fantastic harbor in any winds with EAST in the forecast; once it goes SW, W and NW, you need to find another place.

Gifts from Lee to Team Island Spirit

While here we were lucky enough to reconnect with two other IP owners, Lee on 440 Nautilee and Dan and Kathy on 440 Sea Star. We had a great night aboard Nautileec catching up with Lee as she single hands her 440 from Maryland possibly back to Sydney, Australia! YES, by herself. She is amazing. We also reconnected with Dan and Kathy on Sea Star. These experts know the Exumas very well and were kind enough to go over the charts and to show us very interesting new places to explore. Another terrific evening was spent aboard Long Gone Hunter 45 with Chuck and Stuart, our friends since 2011…wish we had a photo of the fun. We had a peaceful time living on the hook under full wind power and solar power while at Black Point.

Here are some photos:

Radeen fills out the logbook

Our first sunset in Exumas 2016 at Highbourne

Perfect sailing day 25-30 broad reaching

Radeen loves to sail

Rounding the corner for Black Point

Reaching under jib only

Black Point Post Office

The fantastic Rockside laundry and WiFi area

The water is so blue as it reflects off the sandy bottom

Our friendly local tour guide, six year old Shontell did a great job.

The nurse stops at the settlement once a week.

The large sand flat dries at low tide at the head of the harbor

Looking east to the sand flat

440 Sea Star

Living off wind and solar 100%

IP 440 Nautilee arrives

IP 440 Sea Star and  IP440 Nautilee

The Dinghy Dock

Hiking over the hill looking east at the Atlantic

From the same hill, looking back to the west into Black Point Harbor

IP 440 Nautilee is so beautiful

440 Nautilee on her way to meet friends in George Town
Island Spirit and 440 Sea Star in Black Point

Typical scene and looking for shade

Cruising the Exumas between Norman’s Island and Rudder Cut Cay must be some of the most beautiful waters in the world. Coral reefs, pristine beaches, friendly people, and not crowded. Who could ask for more? We cannot. That is why we sail the Exumas.

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  1. Hi Radeen and Hayden,
    What a fabulous post – it brings back such wonderful and happy memories. I just so loved meeting up with you there – sailed there especially for that purpose and only wish I had had more time to spend with you, but I was trying to get to Georgetown to meet up with Canadian buddy boaters who were such lovely, kind and good friends over so many miles on the ICW and to experience some of Georgetown before the end of that iconic regatta. I treasure my memories of our short get together on Nautilee. Thankyou for the memories.

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