Biscayne Bay Dayz

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We are living a dream….

People ask, “What do you do all day?” and many times we are not really sure. We are simply living each day with friends, sunshine, warm weather, boating, and exploring the area. This month we have spent on Biscayne Bay based out of Dinner Key Mooring field and accessing Coconut Grove. Miami, Miami Beach. South Beach, Key Biscayne, Elliot Key and Boca Chita Key. We walk many miles exploring the area, we ride the excellent public transit system north to Miami and we boat over to Miami Beach when we want to walk Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive. We sail, we anchor out, we swim and we walk beaches. We visit with boating friends new and old and we try to keep up with communications via our SSB, email and Facebook. The really crazy aspect is that we seem to be too busy enjoying the above that we wonder….”What are we doing? Why are we so busy? We can’t get anything done!” So, when asked, “What do you do all day?” we LIVE…..ENJOY….and HAVE FUN.

Recent fun that we sadly do not have a photo to share was our great visit with a former PVHS colleague of Hayden’s, Gordon and his wife Pat. They kindly met us for a delicious Mexican lunch and many laughs. Thanks again for making time for us!

Here are some photos to show our dayz…

We never get tired of walking Ocean Drive on South Beach

A great time with our North Carolina buddies who camped nearby

Love the DOODLES

Visit with great friends Greg and Kate, Lucy and Gracie

Model shoot on South Beach, Gracie on the left
Photo Credit: Greg
Coconut Grove Art Festival
Photo Credit: Greg
Our Selfie on Ocean Drive Radeen, Hayden, Kate & Greg
Doing laundry, the endless laundry

Replacing salon bottom seats foam with new foam…very comfy!

Staying out of the sun with full boat shade…essential

Playing Dominoes

Watching sunsets

Sailing any day we want

Visiting the neighbors

Watching sunsets

When Boat Shows and Art Shows get together!

Touring the triumvirate of Miami Boat Shows for days

Sailboat show

Weather Seminar by Chris Parker

Spending time with boat buddy, Carey, of SP Catspaw

A new mattress….note the hinge to flip it over for to access storage underneath 

Enjoying the best Cat/Dog on earth…TILLER CAT on Catspaw

Passing the neighbor

Weekends are wild with jet skis and small boats everywhere

Touring Miami by water

Again, living this cruising life on a sailboat is a real joy. It is easy, peaceful and adventurous. Soon we will move on, leaving Biscayne Bay behind as we sail to the Bahamas. We plan on March and April in the Bahamas and then back to Maryland in May. Thanks for sailing along….

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