Big Majors Spot

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Proof of swimming pigs….

Yes, pigs CAN swim, and they do swim right out to greet you as you dinghy into the beach at Big Majors Spot. The locals placed these pigs here and now, today, we counted over 20 little piglets and about 4 large adults. Did I tell you I LOVE HAM?….so if you seen one hanging from our mast as we sail out, you will know why!

Inside the grotto and looking up

Besides the entertaining pigs on the sandy beach, there is the must-snorkel THUNDERBALL GROTTO which is accessible at low tide. With the tide down 2-3 feet, the undercut of the rocks open up and you can swim into the cave. The ceiling is open with several holes to the sky so the lighting is spectacular. It was even more special than last year. Very cool place to swim. The coral is also very colorful and the fish are well trained and approach you looking for free food. Some even nip at your hands. On the ocean side of the grotto, there is a low ledge that you can swim under into the bright blue light from sunlight over the cave. Over all, this grotto is a must do swim when at Big Majors and Staniel Cay. Here are the photos of the day. Enjoy.

Radeen is a PISCES….she loves to swim!

Exiting the grotto to sea

The coral is beautiful around the grotto

More fans and coral at the grotto

Brain coral and Radeen

Diving down and looking up at the surface shows the water clarity

Boat Buddy NINA strikes a pose 

A really cool trumpet fish with a BLUE nose

Motor Yacht “LAZY Z” has a three story, inflatable water slide!

Gateway 2000 Computer CEO/Owner, Ted Waitt’s yacht “PLAN B”

Check out the scale of “PLAN B”… amazing

Photographer on the beach, taking piglet pictures

Resting time for the adult pigs on the beach

Yacht crew feeding left overs to the hungry pigs

Cute baby pigs on the sand, we counted 20+

NOT MINE, but a local fisherman cleaning a Mahi Mahi

Nurse Sharks at the fish cleaning station with kids petting them

The beach nearStaniel Cay Yacht Club


The “CAR” doing about 20 en-route to the Grotto

Radeen ready to hit the snorkel site

The view from our boat at dinner time

Boat Buddies BOB and NINA take in the sunset from their Island Packet 38 MOONDANCE

Another wonderful day in the Exumas. Tomorrow we need to jug a little fuel, 10 gallons, and jug a little water, 50 gallons. Then we will sail 9 miles to Black Point Settlement for much needed laundry and dinner ashore!

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  1. Pigs on the beach and in the water. That's something you don't see every day. Pretty cool. (Next, please let me know if pigs can fly. OK?)
    Radeen, I love the picture of you underwater. You look so free, calm and relaxed. I am very happy for you!

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