Big Major Spot Pig Beach

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…Piggies on the beach…

Pig Beach, as it is nicknamed, is located on Big Major Spot next to Staniel Cay and is a very, very popular stop. We have seen mega yacht guests, speed boats with four 400 HP engines, sport fishing boats of all sizes, dinghies and even sea planes beached to see the pigs! AMAZING that pigs on a sandy Bahamian beach would create such a tourist destination! These are not feral animals; they were put here years ago by residents of Staniel and are used for meat, having been fed by tourists and mega yacht crews. It is suggested to bring produce and other table scraps, but no meat. Due to the popularity of Pig Beach here, Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos has started their own pig destination and have named it Piggy Beach.

Radeen overlooks a sleeping pig

We enjoy this stop but are always cautious about feeding the pigs. I have seen people bleeding from pig bites, because the pigs get excited for food and sometimes become aggressive. So, we usually just walk the beach, check them out and take some fun photos. This year there are chickens and roosters on the island now, so we are awakened predawn by the roosters and then eventually the squealing pigs. It is different here, and we enjoy being anchored about 100 yards right off Pig Beach where we can watch all the crazy fun action. So, when you sail into the Exumas, make sure you add Big Major Spot and Staniel Cay to your list of stops.

Hayden scratches the back of the sleeping pig

The smart pigs rest in the shade

Anchored 100 yards off Pig Beach

Watching the mega yacht tenders dropping off guests

Sunset Selfie off Big Major Spot

Helicopter on this yacht arriving to see the pigs

M/V Lady S, rents for $385,000 per week, they came to see the pigs!

M/V Lady S, notice fancy tender

Island Spirit in 10 feet of water right off the beach

Fowl Cay Resort rents sailboats so guest sail in to feed the pigs

Sea Plane beached to feed the pigs, then the pilots went swimming.

After dropping of one RICH guest, the two pilots took off

Our anchor chain off Pig Beach in 10-12 feet of water

We are enjoying this area immensely. Thank you for sailing along.

Here is our location, click the Google Map Link and explore.

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