B&G Triton2 Install Day 1

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…There it is, our NEW B&G Triton2 Display…

Today, after 3 days of uninstalling all our original B and G gear, we cut in and installed our first Triton2 display head at the navigation desk. What a challenging install with only 1/4″ overlap of the instrument to the cutout, so there was no room for any mistakes. Using a Dremel tool, we cut it in and we are happy with the first install.

Radeen checks out the pool at Turtle Reef Club

First allow me to describe our days. We are staying in a timeshare condo which is about 12 miles away on Hutchinson Island near Jensen Beach, FL. We drive into the Hinckley Stuart Boat yard in the morning any time between 7 to 9 am and begin the day. The boat, on the “hard” is totally torn apart with the v-berth full of boxes, bags and radar parts. The galley counter top is covered with all the removed gear and all the old wiring. The quarter berth is torn apart so we can have access to the stern for running wires and pulling chase lines for new wires. The sofas are stacked up with tools and gear as we try to work around all this stuff while not blocking access to any locker or cabinet where we need to work. This is why we never stay aboard while commissioning the boat. The boat is a wreck and it is really a challenge to work there, much less live there.

This is our galley counter top with all the old gear

Since the boat is on the “hard” which means in a parking lot and the deck is 8 feet above the parking lot, we park our car under the boat and then carry all tools, boxes, clothing and gear up an 8 foot ladder leaned against the stern to climb into the cockpit. Then we haul the gear down into the boat. As for the cockpit, oh, yeah, that too is a wreck because the entire sail locker has been emptied to the cockpit so that we can pull wires and install the new NAC-3 autopilot computer and pilot sensors.

Radeen keeps us focused and on task
and with a positive attitude!

Radeen really handles this chaos far better than I do, (Hayden) because I cannot stand when things are out of order. It simply stresses me out, I like every thing lined up and in perfect order, so to be working daily in this chaotic setting is a real challenge. Thank goodness Radeen helps keep our perspective focused on the job and the fun. Yes, perspective…we are very lucky and very fortunate to be setting up our boat for the third time. We are refitting her  with the latest digital navigation gear with the plans and the dreams of sailing south beyond the Bahamas this year and into the Caribbean Sea. That is the goal and THAT is why we are doing refit number three.

Thank you for following along, we are happy to share the dream and the adventure…

That is the new B and G gear in boxes loaded on the nav desk.

Here we go, let’s cut in a Triton2 display head

The owner’s manual on how to use this gear
Our beach at the condo, Turtle Reef Club
Radeen walking around the pool, it is 80 degrees, warm and windy on Nov 1.
Look how easy NMEA 2000 connections are to use.
These tees connect individual devices to the backbone.

The tee on the left is a 12 volt power feed.
The other tees will go to the nav desk Triton2 and the AIS radio.
This is the new NAC-3 Autopilot Computer
It will learn wave patterns and steer to wind angles
and steer to navigation points.
It is guided by GPS, a Rudder Reference and a Digital 9 axis Compass.
B&G makes the BEST autopilots!
What a FUN lunch! We finally met Carol and Dick, owners of IP44 GUSTO.
They have lived aboard for 20 years and sail to the Bahamas every year.

Here we go, let’s cut this display into the panel at the nav desk.

I taped plastic over all electronics inside and outside to protect them from sawdust.

Drill the corners with a 1/2″ bit.

Cut out the opening with a Dremel and also use it to sand the edges.

Remove the very, very thin bezel to access the mounting screws.

Snap on the screw covering bezel and there you go.
Installation complete!
This is our salon. The table and sofas are covered with tools and boxes.
This is our V-berth, our bed. It is filled with radar and the wind sensor and other stuff.

The boat looking in from the steps, ugh. Note the dehumidifier over the sink. It works great!
Ahhhhh, the reward on the drive home. Always keep a spoon in your car 🙂

Tomorrow we hope to install the next Triton2 into the forward bulkhead for the crew’s view. Then we’ll move into the sail locker and install the NAC-3 autopilot and the then into the quarter-berth to install the compass and the rudder reference. We are ahead of schedule, as we thought this would not start until NEXT week, so we are feeling good. The boat will be launched Friday or Saturday, then we move aboard and the mast work begins….for now, Day One of installation was a total success!

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7 Replies to “B&G Triton2 Install Day 1”

  1. When you change the cockpit instruments, are you going to move them from the side of the coachhouse so we can sit there and lean up against the coachhouse?

  2. My boat looked like that when a T.D. snuck up on us out in the Gulf Stream.

    Curious about the Nav Station display. It that a multi function that can call up anything that is on the B&G network?

  3. Greg. Correct. The nav desk display, like all Triton2 displays, can show anything on the NMEA 2000 or 183 network..it has about 20 screens and 15 custom templates to make your own display!

  4. I’m just looking at the Tritron 2 now. I have a Flicka 20 with old analog instruments. Can the Tritron 2 be used without the computer? B & G sells a package with the Triton 2 with wind, speed and depth. Seems all I need at this point.

    Thanks in advance, any light would be welcome. Tried calling B & G and the people on the customer service desk don’t know anything.

    CaptainJohn 49

    1. I sure would think the TRITON 2 can be used alone. These are NMEA 2000 networked gear, so once the sender places the data on the backbone, the NMEA2000 wire, then you can use it on anything. Add in a wifi repeater and then you could send the data to the tablet I bet.

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