Bermuda Harbor Radio

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Inside Bermuda Harbor Radio, Aiden watch keeper

We hiked up the hill to Fort George, the site of the world famous Bermuda Harbor Radio who guides every ocean sailor into the port of Bermuda. After days at sea, it is welcomed voice to hear Bermuda Harbor Radio come up on the VHF and make contact with each vessel arriving the island. We called from a local hotel after hiking 1/2 way up to the fort and they told us that Bermuda Harbor Radio will NOT give a tour. We kindly asked if they would call up to the fort and ask if we sailors could hike up for a tour. They responded and YES…come on up, so we hiked across the golf course and up the hill and arrived at the door of the mote surrounded fort. After crossing the plank high above the mote, the watch keeper looked out the window above and unlocked the gate. We climbed the stairs to the top building and were presented to the state of the art facility. Aiden, the on watch keeper was actively working a yacht that had run out of fuel, and he told us to stand by and he would be with us soon. After dealing with this yacht, Aiden gave us the tour of the technology and the ocean sectors they manage as well as all ocean search sectors. What a treat for us, we spent about 30 minutes inside the fortress and were amazed at the data management. We will be heading out to sea today and Aiden will be on watch as we clear out…

Bermuda Harbor Radio NOC

The Logo on the Building

The MOTE around Fort George, the bridge is the access to BHR

BHR on top of the fort

The view of BHR from the harbor…Thank you Bermuda Harbor Radio!
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  1. For anyone who's ever cleared in or out of BDA, it's great to see what that operation looks like!

    SPOT is working great! Keep the posts coming!

    — Bearboat

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