Bermuda Docks

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Hayden and Radeen Bermuda streets

We are side tied to the customs dock living aboard Larking About and enjoying Bermuda as we wait for a weather window to sail back to Maryland. St. George’s is a quaint and lovely English Town with the famous White Horse Tavern just off our stern and the town square to our beam. We can easily walk to beaches, the dinghy club and of course many shops in the town. We had the honor of meeting Bernie, the honorary host to all arriving yachts at Bermuda. Bernie arrived on his moped and shared stories over a cup of coffee and a lovely visit. We plan to depart Bermuda on Thur or Friday, most likely Friday as this presents the best window for sailing home.

Larking About at the Customs Dock

Bernie visits team Larking About

One of the beautiful beaches we walked to for a swim

The Customs Dock with Larking About aft the pilot boat

Last Night, a beautiful night time shot
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  1. I think you are having just TOO much fun with this Retired thing!

    The pictures are beautiful. Send some of that warm air my way… It's COLD here in Glacier!

    Looking forward to your trip back to the states. Safe voyage.

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