Beaufort, SC to GA

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We anchor Island Spirit off the town with Spanish moss

We arrived Beaufort, SC….that is BEWwwwww-fert as the locals pronounce it, and we love this town. It is classy and upscale with a spectacular public waterfront park and a well managed main street with active shops, coffee bars, restaraunts and upscale waterfront condos. Yes, Beaufort has done an outstanding job of building and managing their waterfront. Thank You! Our goal was to spend the day here and then wait for the ebb tide (tide that runs towards the ocean) so we could ride this tide the 26 miles out to sea. Once offshore, we ran all night about 10-12 miles off the Georgia coast toward the St. Marys inlet 100 miles south. This planned route bypasses all the twists and turns of the well known Georgia ICW, where you go 3 miles west for every one mile south. The weather was perfect, large high pressure and the winds were calm, 8-10 mph, so we had a beautiful night at sea.

Daybreak, with a crescent moon 12 miles off Georgia coast

One of the spectacular aspects to being at sea at night is the morning daybreak. When you live in a house, you very rarely take time, like an hour, to go out side and watch the sunrise. This process takes well over an hour, and who has an hour for that? We do….and watch we did. We have seen many sunrises at sea over the past 10 years, but this has to be the best one. I love when the sun illuminates the bottoms of the clouds and bends the light into so many refracted colors.

Shortly after daybreak, we arrived at the St. Marys inlet where we continued 7 miles up river to the town center. We will spend Thanksgiving here as the town is well known for the feast they host for the visiting boaters. We are looking forward to a break, as we have been moving the boat 30-40 miles almost everyday for 4 weeks. Time to relax….then, Florida here we come!

Our home, at anchor Beaufort SC with the sun setting in the clouds

Beautiful, historic waterfront homes overlook the river
Large trees with Spanish moss, notice Radeen at base of tree!
Waterfront park with swings and beautiful landscaping overlooks the Beaufort River
Sundown as we exit the river for an overnight run at sea to St. Marys inlet
Daybreak at sea, spectacular morning
30 minutes before sunrise, the sky lights up and illuminates the clouds
10 minutes before sunrise, the show peaks with the clouds lit a fiery red
Sunrise, the day begins. Look at the colors and the water reflections.
Beautiful at sea!
Local Shrimper works the morning light off Georgia coast        

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