Bahamas Exuams 2023

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This was our 9th season in the Bahamas after spending the past 4 winters in the Caribbean. So, this was a review tour of the best places. The best part of the Exuams is between Shroud Cay and Rudder Cay. We focused on these places. Here was the planned route inbound, A direct run from Miami to No Name Harbor….No need to stop at Binini when the wx window is open. Run east as far as you can reach.

This is a short 20-hour run from Miami to Great Harbor in the Berrrys

After checking in, we powered on east to Highbourne Cay, then south to Staniel Cay, and onto Black Point as well. After Black Point, we pushed down to Rudder Cay and swam the Piano. From there we turned around and sailed back to Black Point, Staniel then Compass and Cambridge, and Warderick Wells and Shroud. Here are the best photos of the past month. Enjoy.

Photo Essay of Sailing the Exuamas 2023 One month…

Blue Blue Blue with a storm coming off Shroud Cay
Our pet nurse shark that loved the shade of our boat off Staniel Cay
The anchor chain in 20 feet of water
Radeen and the blue water of Black Point
Swimming with Eagle Rays at Warderick Wells
The beauty of Warderick Wells is breath taking
Lazy sailing in 10-12 knots on the beam
Buddy boat 35 JUST DUCKY and us sailed for Black Point
Warderick Wells never gets old
Sailing our fav, the Code Zero in 12 knots
The best sailing photo ever, 35 Just Ducky and 35 Island Spirit
Island Spirit with all three sails out
Bahamas blue
Down with the Q and up with the Bahamas flag
Radeen taking in the blue water of the banks
Walking Staniel Cay

This was a very short Bahamas season for us, only a month. We usually are over here in Jan, Feb, Mar, and April, then we sail back to the coast May 1. This season we did not sail over until the second week of March! Still, it was well worth the effort and time, and the push east to reach the 200 nm it takes to reach the Exuma Chain of Islands. No place has better watercolor and better beaches. Hands down, the Bahamas are a dream.

Heading North

We are sailing north to Freeport Bahamas where we will dock for one week at OCEAN REEF CLUB April 16-23.  Then after that, we will sail for the Florida coast. This season we will store the boat May 15-Nov15 at Brunswick Landing so we can get an early start at the Caribbean. We want to spend Christmas in the USVI. One more Caribbean Season for us. That is the plan.

live updates there…..

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9 Replies to “Bahamas Exuams 2023”

  1. What a fantastic trip. Thank you for sharing. After almost 30 years in education, I hope to follow your lead with my IP350 in a couple years – what a great community! Fair winds and fine seas.

  2. I enjoy following your travels. Beautiful photos of that gorgeous water. Sounds like you’ve got a great plan for the near future!

  3. The sail plan with all 3 sails drawing perfectly could be a promo for Island Packet Yachts.
    Tracy and I especially enjoyed the picture of the rays.
    We named it “ Hay and Rae Rays”.
    Rock on Commander and Commandress.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures. It is much appreciated. Beautiful pictures. It brings back wonderful memories.

  5. OHHH! I remember it well! Could be bluer now though. Great trip pics and later memories when you have the time to look back as opposed to Forward>>>>

  6. A little late to this post, but as you know we’ve been a tad busy ourselves.

    Great recap of your shortened albeit productive Bahamas season. Now time to get your yardwork done, and the barbeque fired up. Its Landlubber Season.

    Greg & the Gang in Blakeney, UK

  7. Hi Hayden and Radeen,
    I just saw this post of your Bahama 2023 blog. It was wonderful! Unfortunately, we no longer sail. When we did aboard our 445-24, the Exumas were our favorite! Thank you for writing this. It brought back so many memories of happy times. We sold our boat “the Gail C” in 2012. Bought it in late 2005 from Ed Whitaker.
    I look forward to seeing more posts.
    Happy sailing! Gail

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