Atlantic Highlands Welcome by ?

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As the Island Packet Fleet approached the coast of Sandy Hook the most beautiful sunset with rain clouds and rain opened up and presented a beautiful sight. In the bright clearing there appeared a massive Island Packet Flag on a 100 foot flag pole over on the beach. The sun hit it just right and lit up the banner as a welcome to the area. I have no clue who raised this IP banner flag, but we all thank you for the sight.

Rounding Sandy Hook under full jib with the NE winds now back up to a 12 knots, we rolled out a full 135 jenny and sure enough, under the jib the IP battle flag was there, over on the beach. What a sight. These packets are sure popular and every where we sail, people say…..”Is that an Island Packet?”…..yes it is!

Wed will be a lay day here in Atlantic City as we turn around crew and Radeen arrives as she is now out of school.

Note to Self:
The current runs south along the NJ coast and you will have 1 to 1.5 knots on the bow from Atlantic City to Sandy Hook. maybe 5+ miles out it might get less, but it is there. It is better to come south then north.

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  1. I love the flags … the IP newsletter will love those photos! I hope Radeen made it safely. I'm sure Jeff hated to leave. You two have fun! Love, Debbie

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