Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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The anchorage in Atlantic Highlands, NJ behind the breakwater is always calm and with plenty of room and we have anchored here 4 times now. The winds are prevailing from the SW and in that direction there is a tall tree lined ridge with estate homes over looking the harbor so it tends to protect the anchorage. If the winds change and blow from the NE, then you could move over to the HOOK and anchor off the beach in horseshoe cove, but that is rare.

The town here has a nice main street with a laundromat within a block and restaurants, dog walks, park benches, fishing fleets, a casino and a yacht club! WOW, you could get stuck here and not leave. The high speed ferries run out of here every hour up to Manhattan, NYC, and in the AM you see all the commuters lining up for their daily trek into the city. Coming in by dinghy to walk the town and find the local Cafe 777 for breakfast is a real contrast to the “suits” lined up heading to the offices.

From here it is about 35 miles into Long Island Sound, where we will run up into New York Harbor, under the Verrazano Bridge and into the harbor with the Statue of Liberty to port and Wall Street dead ahead. Keeping Manhattan to port we will turn up the East River for the dreaded “Hell Gate” where the current runs at 3+ knots and the commercial traffic of barges, tankers and tugs compete for the waterway. Cars are running 60 mphs on the highway next to the river, the United Nations Building flies by in a flash as it blocks the wonderful view of the Chrysler Building. Yes, queing up here in, Atlantic Highlands, is exciting with the anticipation of the run into NYC. Of course it will be VIDEO day tomorrow….

Here is the run to Long Island and around NYC
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And one more beautiful Sunset, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Left to Right=Lyons Pride, Surprise, Memphis Belle, Island Spirit
(CAVU’s mast behind Surprise)
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