Arriving Vero Beach, FL

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Dancing with DOLPHINS….

 Greeted by Great Blue Herons…

 Perplexed by Pelicans…

 Blanketed by Blue Skies…

 Entertained by Elegant Homes

 Bounded by the Merrill Barbor Bridge…

We arrive VERO BEACH CITY MARINA and raft up with our boat buddies, Catspaw & Cutter Loose

 Our FLEET of Island Packet Yachts in Vero on mooring #40.

 We check in, and pay $13.90 per night for a mooring ball….what a DEAL…

 Off we go, for our first walk down DATE PALM DRIVE….

Welcome to Vero Beach Florida, a city that knows how to build, manage and run a city marina. The location provides everything so well, that it has been given the name “VELCRO BEACH” because many boaters arrive here and never leave! We too love this location and we look forward to a few days of relaxation before pressing on towards the Florida Keys!

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