Arriving Daytona, Fl

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Welcome to Daytona, Florida where the bridges
have mosaic tile work like this! Beautiful

Arriving Daytona Beach is always fun because of the bridge bases tiled with mosaics of manatees and dolphins. Welcome to Florida! We have been here 3 times now and have never been to shore, we always drop anchor, sleep, wake up the next day and move on. Sometime soon we will actually have to stop in Daytona and spend some time exploring.

One exciting aspect to today was passing over 999 NM, that is 999 nautical miles from Rock Hall, MD where we departed Oct 22. Moving a boat 1,000 miles takes some effort and most of all, TIME. We travel at 6 knots, which is 6.6 MPH or at a fast jogging / running speed. So, imagine jogging from Maryland to Florida. You need to run 8 hours a day for about 20 days to do that. It takes time and time is what we have. Lucky us, we count our blessings every day!

There it is…999 NM nautical miles from Rock Hall, MD!
This needs to be added to our 1,560 nm summer up to Maine and back.

OK…here we go again, let’s run up another 999 NM 🙂
Radeen…1,000 miles….actually this makes 12,000+ miles for her
Ocean Sailor Girl, who loves to be on the boat.
Boat house roof at a fishing club / restaurant
Fort Matanzas, built in 1750, Spanish Fort just south of St. Augustine
Beautiful and typical view heading down the ICW
Arriving Daytona, FL, the high rise condos begin to appear
Thank you Daytona for these beautiful bridge base mosaic art pieces

 Next stop….Titusville and Kennedy Space Center….

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