Arriving Cape May, NJ

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Sailing Close Hauled into Cape May, NJ…. w/no full

We arrived into Cape May, NJ yesterday after a run from Block Island, RI. Winds were SW 10 knots and
the seas were 1-2. All night long we powered into this, as usual, pushing hard to make it in before the 15-20 knots of South winds would start. Well, we ended up running out of fuel 12 miles short of Cape May, NJ. Lucky for us, the South winds came in at 15-20 as projected and we were able to sail close hauled to the inlet and then fall off to a beam reach where we sailed into Green 3, turned the corner sailing right up to the sandbar where we then dropped anchor and dropped sails. We had already called TowBoatUS who stood by, running behind us in case we had any trouble. Radeen did a great job sailing into the inlet and once anchored, we secured the tow boat to our beam and they passed over a 5 gallon jug of diesel fuel. Blaine poured this into our tank, we signed the paperwork, and pumped up the fuel into the Racor fuel filter, started the engine and we were off again. It was like an Indy 500 pit stop….funny….but I would prefer to NOT do this again. We ran out of fuel for two reason:
1. We ran 6+ hours more starting in Martha’s Vineyard (we usually start in Block)
2. We motored at 2800 RPMs all night, pushing hard (we usually run at 2500 RPM)
3. We backed it down to 2400 when South winds came and motor sailing leans over the tank, making the last 4 gallons unusable. (yes, maybe…maybe in flat calm seas we could have burn the end of the tank)
4. We only hold 48 gallons

In all, we were very happy that we love to sail close hauled and that we can sail up to a setting of 38 degrees on the B&G wind machine! So we had to take one starboard tack to go offshore at Wildwood, then one final port tack to the inlet where we could beam reach in the Cape May Inlet.

NOW….we will run for Rock Hall, MD tonight at 0200hrs, as we wait here in NJ for this next front to pass today. Friday, it is to be calm and we will run the full 100 miles for home where we will then ride out the hurricane in Rock Hall, MD.

Our plans were… spend a week here at CMNJ but…..that is not going to happen.

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  1. Have a Safe & Speedy Trip to Rock Hall.

    Right now (1100 update) Irene is forecast to make landfall right over our heads here in Beaufort as a Cat 3 or strong 2. I've got ei' Lean stripped down & double tied and this afternoon we are hooking up the camper and heading West to the Raleigh area to get out of her way.

    Hopefully we'll have a house to come home to. If not – hey it's all good…. time to go back on the road.

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