Arrival USA Ft. Pierce FL

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Mid way home, center of Florida Current, Gulf Stream

After 7 weeks out of the USA exploring the Abacos, Bahamas, we sailed back into our homeland with mixed emotions. Sad because we enjoyed the Bahamas immensely, yet happy to return to the conveniences of USA. Life over in the Bahamas is peaceful, slower, more calm, relaxing, unplugged, and the people are respectful, polite, happy, proud, welcoming, and sincere.

Back in USA, the smart phones fired up and began ringing, dinging and vibrating, the Internet connected and the router and WiFi rig went live 24/7 with emails, facebook, and web surfing back up to full speed. Yes, USA is a digitally connected world which is good in many aspects, yet distracting, and very time consuming. We need to find that happy space between the calm of the Bahamas and the rapid fire of the USA. Somewhere in between there is a happy medium.

Wing on Wing, jib with pole set to starboard

Our sail, motor sail, home from West End, Bahamas was calm with following winds of 10-15 knots, seas 2-3 feet and beautiful BLUE waters. We settled in on a poled out jib and a prevented main with a reef for a wing on wing sail set. With 2500 rpms on the motor we were many times pushing 7-8 knots. So we made the crossing in 13 hours departing at 0630 and anchoring down at 1930 just in time for sunset and conch blowing salute. Welcome HOME….it is good to be here…

Here are photos of the run home…

Heading WEST out of West End, Bahamas for Florida
Sunrise over Abacos, we are sad to see this off our stern…

Beautiful sailing with the wind at our backs
There is a saying…”May the Winds Always be at your Back!”
This means smooth sailing


Look at the BLUE water of the OCEAN
this is an untouched photo, it is really this BLUE!


Blue water as seen from the helm looking over the bow

SADLY we drop the Bahamas Flag and raise the Q flag
We need to check in with customs before we may drop the quarantine flag

Radeen expertly takes the helm as we sail into the Ft. Pierce inlet

Rock Jetties protect the inlet, but it also funnels the currents in and out of the narrow inlet
Radeen is very calm and drives us in between the jetties

You DON’T want to mess up in an inlet, we are sailing and motoring
with our main still up on a beam reach doing 9 knots!
We sure will miss this…..we will happily rush back next winter 🙂

OK, time to pick up anchor here in Fort Pierce, drive up the ICW into Vero Beach, FL and start a new journey. A memory tour north from Florida to Maryland on the IntraCoastal Waterway. Come along and join the ride….

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