Antigua Sailing

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One of the great aspects of Antigua is the sailing. Antigua Sailing Week, the Antigua Superyacht Challenge, and the RORC Caribbean 600 Race are based here. plus the Classics and the mega-yachts all call into Antigua. Since 1700 when the tall ships sailed into Nelson’s Dockyard to be serviced and careened, Antigua has been the yacht service and premier sailing area of the Caribbean Sea. What we like best about Antigua is that there are fantastic harbors on the west side, like Jolly Harbor and Deep Bay.  When we want to go sailing,  we simply up anchor and roll out a sail and go. Now we beam reach on the west side of Antigua until we have sailed enough, then turn into one of the harbors and drop the anchor in flat calm waters. PERFECTION, ANTIGUA….

Beam reaching on the west side of Antigua is a dream.

We Rolled out the Code Zero…

We have a really great furling spinnaker called a code zero and almost always get to roll this out and sail it on the west side of Antigua. This sail is about a 165% jib and it will sail downwind to 160 degrees and then upwind to 50-60 degrees. It is such a versatile sail. In winds 15 knots or less, this is the dream sail. We keep it hoisted and secured, ready to unfurl anytime the winds are right. We love this sail.

Hayden and Radeen on Island Spirit with the Code Zero out, autopilot set to wind vane steering…..a happy place
Looking over the bow as we north sail for Deep Bay
Sailing out of Deep Bay on a port tack. Code Zero only, 10-15 knots of wind, sailing at 4.5 knots

Anchored in Deep Bay, Antigua

It would be very tough to beat this harbor, Deep Bay, Antigua. A near-perfect beach, plus Fort Barrington to hike up to, and to top it off, a sunken ship in the harbor to snorkel. Welcome to Deep Bay….Look at this view.

The view from Island Spirit looking East to the beach, perfect
The Deep Bay beach to our port bow, We shared the anchorage with only one other boat.
In the late afternoon, cruise ships can be seen leaving the capital of St. John’s. Antigua

Sailing Back to Jolly

After sailing back to Jolly Harbor, an easy beam reach, we dropped off laundry and provisioned a few items. Ashore, most businesses we remember were open or reopened with new names. For example, the fabulous Crow’s Nest Restaurant is now called Sea Dream. The very large Jolly Beach Resort has closed and so has the fun bar there. It was a sad surprise to count only 22 cruising boats anchored where we have always seen more than 100. 

We also wanted to check in with our buddies, Dean & Kim of IP38 DreamCatcher and Jim & Gerry of IP445 Watermark III, to see how they were coming along preparing to launch their boats. Plus, Jolly Harbor is a dream anchorage because it is so calm.  We enjoyed a special full moon rising at sunset. Beautiful.

Sailing home and doing 6 knots under code zero alone. Too easy
Sunset as seen from Jolly Harbor, every night
Full Moon Rise as the sun sets….perfection

Thank you for sailing along

Thank you to all our friends and family for sailing along with us. This has been a lifetime goal, a lifetime dream of living on our boat and sailing to remote locations. Now, here we are and every day we reflect on this goal accomplished. We are appreciative of our strength and good health that allows us to do this.  When wake every morning, we recognize how lucky we are. Thank you for allowing us to share this joy with you. 

Hayden and Radeen out for our 2-3 mile daily walk. Life is good.
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6 Replies to “Antigua Sailing”

  1. Beautiful pictures of a fantastic place
    Sounds like my kind of sailing…easy beam reaches with wonderful harbors at each end of the sail
    Love living vicariously through you
    Shame I have to pour my own drinks though

  2. Dear Hayden & Radeen:
    Yes, we always enjoy your travel/sailing reports – we marvel at your expertise and enjoyment of your life in Nature & experiencing areas of beauty & excitement, carry on!
    Kevin & Anne Grace
    PS – where can we make donation to allow you to continue your blog + other items you provide the sailing community?

  3. Thanks so much from those of us who have “been there, done that”, allowing us to continue doing it through you guys. It means a lot.
    Best Wishes,

  4. Yada yada yada sail here, sail there -so beautiful -big blue sea whoopie,
    look at my new sails- big yip -ever thought of a Disney cruise ship?
    Why dont you people grow up and do something with your lives?
    learn a trade like how to fix something or go some place new?
    Outside Philadelphia where you live there are community colleges
    Bon Voyage
    Cap’n Bill
    wish I was there

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