Antigua Photo Essay

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We like to base in Jolly Harbour, then sail to Deep Bay and also to Falmouth. Sailing the west side of Antigua is a dream.

Jolly Harbor

Our view out the galley porthole anchored off Jolly Harbour looking at the mountains.
Full moon rising over Jolly Harbor.

Sailing dreams

During the two weeks, we were here, the winds were calm for the Caribbean, 10-15 knots which are perfect for our code zero sail.

Anchored out in Falmouth is Fun

The view of the mega-yachts at night from our anchored position.
Notice the crew member washing the roof of this mega yacht. MOONRISE is owned by the guy who sold WhatsApp to Facebook for $20 billion in 2014. He split it with his partner.
Simply riding the dinghy around these multi-million-dollar yachts is always so interesting.

A new world record set

These three ladies rowed across the Atlantic in 42 days, 7 days, and 17 minutes. They smashed the previous women’s record by seven days! The finish line is in English Harbor at Nelson’s DockYard. Their arrival was amazing to witness.  Take a look at this incredible event here:

Arrival after 42 days at sea! We were so fortunate to be there and to cheer for them! Charlotte Irving, 31, Abby Johnston, 32, and Kat Cordiner, 42

Left to right: Charlotte Irving, 31 , Abby Johnston, 32, and Kat Cordiner, 42 after crossing the Atlantic Ocean in their 25-foot rowboat, “Dolly Parton.”  Kat has incurable cervical cancer and is believed to be the first cancer patient to row the Atlantic. They are raising money for cancer research in England.

Walking Falmouth to Nelson’s Dockyard is required daily

The guardhouse overlooking the English Harbor entrance was built in 1745.
A simple hike of about 2 miles

Boat Buddies at Antigua

Pizza night at Al Porto with boat buddies: Ed & Ann of IP38 Windswept Dreams, Jim & Gerry of IP 445 Watermaker III, and Dean & Kim IP38 DreamCatcher.
IP38 DreamCatcher and IP445 Watermark III were just launched after 22 months of storage in Jolly Harbour Boat Yard.
Hayden and Radeen after Kim and Dean introduced us to GGT’s – grapefruit juice, gin, tonic, and a slice of lime. Very refreshing!

Life on a Boat off Antigua

Sunset glowing on the beach and casting long shadows at Deep Bay is always a beautiful sight.
Sunset over our stern off Jolly Harbour. Each day there were only about 25 boats anchored here. In previous years, there were 100!
Sunset highlights the clouds over the beach homes at Davis Bay, Long Island, North Sound, Antigua. This was our first trip to beautiful North Sound.

Thank you IslandSpirit

On anchor off Antigua, We will miss this island with its gorgeous scenery and easy living!


Radeen and I always seem to enjoy the simple life around Antigua. We both agree that this island is our favorite of all the Caribbean Islands. Yes, the check-in and check-out are very time-consuming, but that is forgotten when you enjoy the beautiful beaches and historic towns.  The yachts that call into Antigua seem to agree as there are many that stop here for services and repairs. Sadly, the pandemic of covid-19 has hit all of this hard, as we are seeing so few yachts when compared to years past. People worldwide are hurting from the decline in travel. 

Looking ahead

Our goal is to sail our boat back to the Chesapeake Bay by mid May so we can enjoy the boat this summer.  We find that it usually takes us two-plus weeks to put the boat away and 2-3 weeks to get her back up and running, so we have decided to take these 4-5 weeks and simply keep the boat running. No storage.  For now, these are our well-known destinations ahead.

      • Barbuda
      • St. Barth’s
      • St. Martin
      • British Virgin Islands
      • United States Virgin Islands
      • Puerto Rico
      • Turks and Caicos
      • Bahamas
      • USA, Florida to Maryland
      • Home
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7 Replies to “Antigua Photo Essay”

  1. Great pictures…thanks
    Love your itinerary for the voyage back to Rock Hall…looking forward to lots more photos

  2. Hayden and Radeen – Greetings from snowy PA! Your posts and pics are absolutely great and we always look forward to the next one. The adventures and experiences you’ve had with Island Spirit are simply amazing!! We wish you safe travels on land and sea–always!
    We miss Sabbatical, think of her often, and hope that she has had half the fun Island Spirit has. If you see #156 someday, please give her a pat for us?
    Perhaps we’ll see you in Rock Hall one of these days–we visit occasionally.
    Thanks for sharing all of your experiences and knowledge! Fun and very interesting…………!
    Be well! Sue and Tommy

  3. Love the photos. What a contrast between there and here (southern DE) Blizzard conditions here! What an accomplishment for the women that rowed across the Atlantic. Incredible! Stay safe…smooth sailing.

  4. Finally getting organized enough to leave you a comment! Your photos are beautiful and I’m glad you’re enjoying tamer weather produced by the nor’easter in the US!

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