Alternator Windlass Radar Repaired

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….new Balmar installed…

This has been a full week of repair work on Island Spirit as we repaired and installed a new alternator, fixed the windlass by installing new brushes on the motor, and removed our radar antenna and installed another one given to us by very good friends. As of yesterday, Monday, May 18, 2015, we have all systems fixed and running and we feel much better about heading north offshore for Rock Hall, Maryland. We always try to do all our own repair work and our own installs. That way, we know the systems very well and when they break down or do not work, then we have a good idea of how to take them apart and possibly fix them. On this boat, we have modified nearly every system, either by installing a new one or fixing an existing installation. It is great to know the boat and all systems as well as we do. We think this knowledge is an asset and that is why we do it.

Walking 3 miles to get the car

During this week in Vero Beach, Florida, we had another good IP friend loan us her car. WHAT? Yes, a car to use while we are here. We rode the bus to the shopping mall and then walked the last 3 miles to pick up the car from storage. This has really been a fantastic help as we have been running around, getting parts and repair items to fix our systems. Yes, we also have used the car to go to Panera Bread, our favorite lunch stop, with their half salads and half sandwiches, WOW, what a treat! Thank you, Sharon, for the use of your beautiful car. It is a BMW so I named it Britney My (other) Woman for B.M.W.! She is beautiful with my favorite color scheme, blue with tan leather, (perfect!) and a 6 speed stick to enjoy as well. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Climbing the mast to install another radar antenna

After fixing the windlass by installing the new brushes, my next challenge was to climb up the mast for the 4th time and bring down the broken radar antenna. Then, I lifted up and installed the antenna my buddies gave us. WHAT? Yes, our other IP friends in Fort Pierce, Sam and Carolyn, had an old analog radar antenna that they removed when their display head unit failed. They then installed a new digital radar, so they had an old antenna. Sam and Carolyn gave us this antenna to get us home to Rock Hall. We lifted it up to the mount and installed it and wired it into the existing network and, sure enough, it worked! We now have a working radar system and we really appreciate this gift from them. Thank you so much!

Hoist the flags, the office is open!

Once all the repairs were finished, we hoisted our Island Packet Yachts flag and our Whiteaker Yacht Sales flag and the “office” was open for business! We have a great spot in the harbor and, as you all know, we love flying these flags. You can’t miss us. So now with the convenience of a car and the great shopping at Vero Beach, we are restocking a few depleted items and also replacing some well worn out clothing. When you live on a boat as we have been for the past 9 months, your clothing becomes well worn and you get tired of the same old outfits. So, it is off to the outlets for some new clothes.

Here are some photos of the days….

A BMW loaned to us by Sharon, thank you!

Remove the windlass motor, Lofrans Tigress Windlass

Remove the brushes, install new brushes

The old brushes look just fine, go figure

3 mile walks around Vero Beach, this is Date Palm, a beautiful street

Another beautiful road in Vero Beach, Florida

My 48nm radar antenna brought down from the mast

My radar system up and running with my old antenna on the seat
Thank you, Sam and Carolyn!

Taking a break at Panera Bread, one of our favorite lunch places

Island Spirit on mooring ball 20 in front of the office

Radeen under the shade of an umbrella walking to the beach

Check out the cute dolphin park bench

Hayden with a new sun hat and his Marsh Harbor Marina/Jib Room Shirt

Radeen modeling a new sundress.

Living in Vero Beach, with a car, is sure E A S Y and F U N. Driving a BMW is a really special treat! With all systems running and repaired, life is good. Now we can focus on our next adventure and prepare for that.

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