Almost Christmas Almost Shake Down

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Radeen the Cookie Baker….

The mast went in but the next day the crane returned and we removed the staysail rig and had it taken apart to re-cut. It was too long and provided zero adjustment when the new rig stretches. So, they cut 1 1/4″ off the inner stay, making it better. This required me to pull the cotter pins and loosen the rig and remove the sail once again. After the inner stay was re-installed, I re-tuned the rig to factory specs and re-installed the sail.

Radeen the Christmas Elf has been busy making cookies and Christmas Fudge. I am busy finishing up the single side band radio re-install and improving the mast base wiring. Overall the rebuilding has been a long process and I am not sure why, but it just has been a very long drawn out process. Everyday there has been something to re-install, re-wire, re-connect, test, fix, or improve. It has been far more work than we expected, but how often do you tear apart a perfectly working cruising yacht and then rebuild it. Not very often, and now we know why!

Here are some random photos of the “scene”…..Merry Christmas…..

The crane returns….removed and re-cuts the inner forestay

The local Heron says….WHAT? That crane was just there?

All new gear on top of the mast with new rigging

Date Night, yes, we love to go out on dates…..get off the boat

Years ago, I designed this idea. A laptop desk. It slides into a bracket

Laptop desk teak side, we had the IPY Factory make a new one.

Laptop desk almond Formica side, flip it over

Room for a book or notebook to the side. Lower the lid and the table drops over top

Debbie and Craig stopped by for a visit and brought their cute dog, HOLLY

The decks look brand new after we used Woody Wax

Ahhhhhh, the MOET is chilling in the frig for celebration

The old rigging wire will go home to PA for a deck canopy roof structure
Notice the provisions are loading up also….beer….wine….we are ready to go 🙂

Re-serviced the liferaft. This is a loan/gift from good friends Greg, Kate and the Doodles

My New Car….Merry Christmas to US…its only money!

What the boat looks like when you are rewiring the mast lights

So, HO HO HO and Merry Christmas! Good friends ANITA and RANDY reminded us about the Jimmy Buffet Song lyrics…..A SAILOR SPENDS CHRISTMAS IN A HARBOR ON A HOOK…..and so we are and sailors soon we will be

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