Albemarle Sound

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Sailing across Albemarle Sound

Crossing Albemarle Sound is one of those passages you hear so many dreaded sailing stories about and sailors worry deeply about making this 15 mile crossing! This concern is valid, due to the shallow depths and long fetch upwind. If the wind is blowing, then the Sound will have short steep waves and your two plus hour crossing can be nasty. Lucky for us, the winds were calm, 10-15 knots, and from the west. With a course of 180, south, and a west wind, we had a beam reach right across the Sound and into the Alligator River. What a fantastic sailing day! Under sail, Radeen decided to make a gourmet hot lunch of Mediterranean Chicken with black olives and capers. What a treat, and served in one bowl, it was easy to eat. Radeen is very good at cooking onboard and making great meals. Check out her site at and share your best boating recipes.

The 42 mile sailing day ended when we dropped anchor with Island Packet Buddies, 350 Kismet and 38 It’s About Time at Deep Point. The fresh west breeze was pleasant and the sunset was spectacular. Sally called it right by saying this was a BLESSING to behold. Fortunate we are to be out here cruising…

The best way to share today, is via my photos (I shot 102 photos and 6 videos today!)

Day begins…sunrise at Elizabeth City, NC

Bright sun reflects off the primary winch…beautiful day

IPs 350 Kismet and 38 It’s About Time at anchor
Radeen at sunset as we photograph the colors

Sunset over the Pungo Canal at Alligator River

Sunset beauty

Our Bow at sunset, Alligator River, NC
Another beautiful day on the water. One observation this year is how warm we are. It is one month earlier than we were here last year, and we were chilly. This year, the temps are nearly perfect. 
Annapolis Sailboat Show opened today, we sadly miss being there. This is the first time in 20 years we . The trade won’t be there. The trade off is worth it…a family wedding in Arizona that we are attending as soon as we get this boat to the Brunswick, GA 🙂
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