Adventures START

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Hayden, Jason and Whitney

 We have started off our year of cruising and travel with a full set of adventures beginning with a family wedding in Philadelphia. A fantastic reception at the Constitution Center was perfect for a history teaching Groom and a BEAUTIFUL Bride. Jason and Whitney’s wedding was incredible and made us proud to be included. After this capstone event, we returned home to swap the wedding clothes for our ocean sailing gear and begin our trek towards BERMUDA. We will crew on, an Island Packet 40 footer returning to the Chesapeake Bay.

Up she goes onto the AAA tow truck

We loaded our bags, digital devices, laptops, iPads, GPS SPOT, sailing harnesses, gloves, night watch caps, fleece, and wind pants, tossed in a few t-Shirts, swimming suits and shorts and we were off. We luckily planned to spend the night at the airport which would allow us a place to park our car for 2 weeks and then not have to deal with the AM traffic rush. What was NOT planned was a car break down in Essington, south of the Airport, where our starter decided to stop working.

We tried jumping it as well as beating it with a hammer attempting to get the starter over the “flat spot” issue it seems to have. FORGET IT, let’s get this thing towed to the hotel, where we were staying just one block down the road and deal with it when we get back. Enter AAA tow truck driver, STEVE, and we have a new suggestion. Steve picked up the car and took it 4 miles away to where they will replace the starter while we are away. PERFECT solution!

“Goldie” gets her first ride on a tow truck

So, our year has started off with excitement and adventure and that is what it is all about. This little episode reminded us of our motivational quote…

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

We think we reacted well to this small curve ball. After all, we didn’t miss the wedding and we didn’t miss our flight!

Tomorrow it will be far, far away as we arrive in Bermuda and meet John and Nancy aboard Larking About!

Radeen with Debbie, mother of the Groom
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  1. That's a great quote Hayden… and so true.

    Have a great trip from Bermuda. Sorry your TranAtlantic didn't work out this year.

    I still know of another boat going in the opposite direction…..

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