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We are very excited to resume our sailing adventures after 16+ months at home while Island Spirit waited on the hard in Puerto Rico. Yes, we did go down to Marina Puerto del Rey in May to service her and to run every system. Many systems needed attention but after a full 5 days of service, everything was working. We hope this was enough to maintain everything! We will find out soon, as we will be there mid-Nov and launch her back into the Caribbean Sea where she loves to be in the deep blue waters. Once we launch and begin to prep all systems, we will take a fun diversion to attend two family weddings, one in Florida and one in California. After celebrating at these lifetime events, we will return to Island Spirit and provision her for sailing. Our general outline is to move over to the USVI and then if possible we want to move into the British Virgin Islands, where we are hoping to spend Christmas at the Bitter End Yacht Club. We have spent many vacations here and our hearts were broken when we sailed in to see the destruction from Hurricanes Maria and Irma. After the BVIs we hope to push east into the tradewinds and return to Antigua for January. From there, who knows? At the end of this season, we hope to be in Annapolis MD by the middle of May 2022. 

So, we are on THE LAUNCH PAD as we call this time period. This is a graphic of what the outline looks like!

2021, Let the Adventures Begin…soon

The Bitter End Yacht Club before hurricane damage

Here is my photo essay of our happy place, the Bitter End Yacht Club, as it was in April 2017. This is before it was destroyed by Hurricanes Maria and Irma.


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10 Replies to “Adventures Resume Soon”

  1. Molli and I love the Bitter End and have been there many times…first on land, staying in one of their hillside cottages and later, when we learned to sail, by charter sailboat….Look forward to seeing what you find now.
    As you say….”Let the Fun Begin”
    I have it on good authority that there is little Covid on a sailboat, and any that shows up is destroyed by alcohol, administered orally.

  2. Looks like you will be in the Tampa area for wedding #1. Maybe I will run into you! I will be relaunching Salty Abandon next week after getting bottom job and other things. If systems work, I’m headed to the West Coast of FL! It will be good to see you and Radeen sailing again!

  3. Hope to see you again next summer when you are back up in the Chesapeake. Happy sailing this winter.
    Vince & Linda

  4. Best regards from Guatemala and welcome back to the Caribbean! Too much time away from the little latitudes is bad for the soul!!!
    Bob and Nina

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