ACNJ to Block Island RI

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Departing Atlantic City, NJ….casinos on the beach $$$$

It is only 175 miles from Atlantic City NJ to Block Island RI via a direct Atlantic Ocean passage, so what could be so rough? The weather forecast was perfect – west winds 10-15 knots then building to 20 knots and shifting to the north. Well, that sounds perfect since our course to Block is 060 which is North East. So we decided to depart, knowing that we would have building winds at night but only up to 20 knots. Now for the reality: Weather forecasts are often WRONG and forecasted winds speeds are on the LIGHT side. So, how bad could it get?

Look honey….a beautiful sky and sunset!

BAD….VERY BAD….and always at ZERO

Oh how beautiful….a STORM FRONT approaches! YIKES

DARK HUNDRED, meaning at night! We had a beautiful sail the first 12 hours out to the Ambrose Shipping lane and then at sunset we watched a storm front approach from NYC, heading towards us at 35 miles per hour. Radeen insisted that we prepare and drop all sails while Hayden wanted to keep sailing in the nice 20 knot winds. Within 5 minutes of dropping all sails, we were hit with a solid 35 knot wind that REMAINED there and peaked to 40 knots! Lucky for us, we had just rolled out the small cutter sail, so we sailed for SIX HOURS from 2100 hrs (9pm) to 0300 hrs (3am). We used the motor and the staysail and had the wind 30 degrees off our port bow. The waves came up to 3-5 feet and several times the bow light was buried. Which by the way, at night is rather interesting. The red to port and the green to starboard light up the coolest looking wave, immediately before it breaks onto the decks and rolls up into the windshield. Oh yes….we are having fun now! (The bowlight is 7 feet off the water!)

Hook on and hold on, I am going on deck to drop some sails

Daybreak came and the winds were down to 25 knots as we approached Montauk Point hoping for Block Island to appear over the bow. Arriving Block at 4pm, we completed the passage in 32 hours and we were BEAT.

The wonderful aspect to Block Island is the Great Salt Pond where you can pick a spot and drop anchor, sleep in calm waters and be awakened by “ANDIAMO…ANDIAMO!” calling from the pastry boat.

We were delighted to be greeted by Jim & Laurie on Kismet, IP350, and Conrad & Sally on It’s About Time, IP38. We are so fortunate to be have such a well-connected and friendly Island Packet community!

Life is the best on Block Island. WE MADE IT NOW….time to relax!

 More Photos from passage from ACNJ to Block Island, RI

Container Ship, each box is a TRACTOR TRAILER
Look at that…tractor trailers stacked 8 high and we have seen 10 high !


A view from the helm at sunrise, looks calm, but it was a beating at sea

Close up of the SALT on the upper windshield over the dodger .

Ahhhh….arrival into Block Island via the narrow cut into Great Salt Pond

A typical sunset off the boat at Block Island, RI

Up for nearly 40 hours…we are beat…but very HAPPY!
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