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We have been amazed by the beauty of the water color and water clarity while sailing in the Sea Of Abaco, Bahamas. Here is a short video showing the water as we sailed to Sandy Cay, near Lynyard Cay to go snorkeling. The water here is so blue because this area is at an ocean cut, so the sea rolls in and out of this area of the reef. The water is only 10 feet deep, and you can easily see your shadow on the bottom. When you drop in to snorkel, you are in 30+ feet and you see the bottom as if you are in a swimming pool. We have really enjoyed this first time exploration and discovery of the Sea of Abaco. We look forward to many more trips and to sharing this with our friends…(do you hear us Wendy & Craig?)

Video below…YouTube link here

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  1. beautiful… Thanks for posting that!

    I think I see some teak however that has a blemish.. Maybe its time to drop the cocktails and break out the scrapers 🙂

    Stay thirsty my friend.

  2. We hear you loud and clear !!! Who can resist your invitations to share this adventure first hand? Who knows……there may be a new Island Spirit song waiting to be discovered.

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