A Date in Charleston, SC

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Radeen and Hayden heading out

Charleston, SC, is a special place to go out on a date and take in the city. We always try to make time to revisit and re explore this town. This is a place that has so many fantastic pubs, wonderful restaurants, colleges and interesting people to meet. Just walking down East Bay Street presents you with this vibrant city life. We decided to return to Blossom on East Bay Street where we had such a great time last year with our buddies, Eric & Patricia and Carey and Bobbi. We miss them this year and wished they were here. So out we were, just the two of us….Here are a few photos of our “Date Night.”

An interesting view of the Ravenal Bridge over the Cooper River

Radeen, aboard Island Spirit

East Bay Street, where the action is. A great street to explore.

Typical lovely garden dining, Charleston, SC

Out for a morning walk around Charleston, SC

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church steeple against a beautiful blue sky

Typical Charleston, SC buildings on Broad street

This “Date Night” ended up being multiple days with multiple pubs, restaurants, shopping, and enjoying city life. We need to get out of here before we take up permanent residence here. We do love cities….next town….Beaufort, SC.

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