2024 IPYOA Calendar 21st Edition

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This is my 21st year of creating the Island Packet Yacht Owners’ Association Calendar. This year’s edition is more global than ever, with fleet members sending in photos from as far away as Cape Horn, Alaska, Mexico, and the Netherlands! Island Packet Yacht Owners really get out and go sailing. It is always amazing where we see our fleet sailing too. Take a look at these photos and you will agree, that the IPYOA is global!

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2024 IPYOA Calendar Cover, Jesse Shumaker and Mike Parsons Connie Hamilton Parsons
Rodd and Shelly Benfield 379 Tasi at Isla Carmen, Sea of Cortez, MX
Hayden Cochran Warderick Wells, Bahamas, Paradise 350 Traveller, 380 Painkiller, 35 Island Spirit
Suzy Suzanne Hurwitz 37 Cay Paraiso Water Cay, Jumentos
Marlene Adam Reasoner 420 Trance Sailing Wing on Wing
Jonell Bowman and William Bowman 350 Kharis on Port Clyde mooring, Maine
Jim Martin IP44 Alisoné rounding Heron Neck Light, Maine
Kevin Hornback 420 Catharpin Blue, Sailing Glacier Bay Ak
Judith L. Jacobsen 380 Touché in Fiordo Falcon, Patagonia
Jesse Shumaker 440 Vita Beata View of the boat at mooring from hike on Jones Island in the San Juan Islands
Carla and Jeff Hale 485 Latitude, Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow in Antigua
John Bartges Lisa Speer Bartges 445 No Wahalla between the Pitons in St Lucia.
Richard Hage 440 Big Bear and 27 Carpe Diem Big and Small in Leiden, Netherlands

Thank you everyone for looking at and enjoying our sailing adventures! This has been a lifetime passion of ours. Radeen and I appreciate you sailing along. Please add a comment as they are emailed to us when you comment. Thank you!

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5 Replies to “2024 IPYOA Calendar 21st Edition”

  1. Thank you again for creating the calendar….This may be the first year that I haven’t been to any of the places shown in the Calendar

  2. Didn’t receive the earlier posts on the Island Spirit “open heart/transmission” surgery along with replacing a few of its “abdominal/sewage & heater systems ”.
    Should have initiated a go fund me site to complement the new and incredible calendar.
    I will work on the Spirit in exchange for free room and board!! Nor much of a mechanic but good at spit and polish Tiffany finish that all IP’s should present
    Anyway, great to receive this update and trusting a healthy Christmas for you two & physical healing from all those upgrades.
    Capt Dan

  3. Outstanding work.
    Not only are the photos stunning , they are a reminder of the scope of possibilities for destinations.
    It’s always fun to recognize boats and crews.

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