Island Packet 380 PLAN SEA for sale

…Hayden and Radeen, a Whiteaker Yacht Sales team…

Many of you know us as Hayden and Radeen, the Island Packet owners and sailors who have sailed IPs since 1986. We first charted an IP 38 out of Rock Hall, MD, in the summer of 1986 and fell in love with the product. Since then, we owned IP 27 # 056 named Cinnamon from 1991 to 2001 and then bought IP 35 # 165 and named her Island Spirit. During all these years of IP ownership, we built several Island Packet focused web sites of which our largest is

During our 2013 IP factory refit in Florida, Ed and Debbie Whiteaker invited us to join the Whiteaker Yacht Sales team and I became a broker. Our primary task is to promote Whiteaker Yacht Sales services as we cruise around. What we have discovered is that many Island Packet yacht owners already love the WYS team and we are very proud to part of the staff. We wanted to let every Island Packet owner know that Radeen and I are a yacht broker team. We would love to help you find your dream yacht and to help you learn all about the wonderful IPY “family” of owners. Radeen and I have over 30,000 nm under our keel and have sailed many IPs as crew and on charter vacations and we feel there is no better cruising yacht. We know the history of the company and the product line is very familiar to us. We look forward to helping sailors make their Island Packet dreams come true.

Please allow us to introduce what we feel could be the most pristine and well maintained used IP on the market today. Island Packet 380 PLAN SEA is in MINT condition.

The owners, Jim and Loretta, are dear friends of ours and we have sailed together many years to the Bahamas from Florida. We first met in 2003, when they commissioned their boat in Rock Hall, MD. We have been on many IPs over the years and we have never seen a boat that is this spotless and in such like-new condition as is 380 PLAN SEA. Jim and Loretta have owned this yacht since 2003 and they have sailed her from Maryland to the Exumas and back to Florida where they now live. They would steam clean the salon settees cushions, steam clean the factory custom carpet, wax and clean the fiberglass, polish the stainless and then store the boat. This boat has been cleaned and polished twice a year, usually for one to two months at launch and then one to two months at haul out. The boat has only been used for part of the year, every year. The boat has always been emptied and the lockers have always been cleaned every year. This alone is a massive task, but it shows the way this yacht was maintained. We honestly can say that this Island Packet 380 is truly in like-factory new condition. If you are looking for an IP in the 35-40 foot range, then we feel this is the best yacht on the market, simply due its incredibly excellent condition.

Radeen and I shot over 800 digital photos of this boat and we processed these 800 down to 150 beautiful photos showing every single aspect of the boat. We show the lockers, teak finish, stainless polish, the hull and deck wax, the polished engine bilge, the emptied sail lockers and the like new dinghy and Yamaha outboard motor. If you study the photos, you will notice how clean and how perfect this yacht is. We are very proud of the listing details and the photos we published because we are proud to represent such a well maintained yacht. The owners, Jim and Loretta, are moving on to land yachting and other travels and they felt it was time for someone else to enjoy life aboard IP 380 PLAN SEA.

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Here are a few great photos to show off this yacht. 

To view all the photos and to see the listing details, please share and follow this URL:

College Roomates Beach Bums

Anita, Radeen, Joanne and Gail ….college roommates gathered for a weekend of fun in Bethany Beach, DE.
Not pictured….Mark, Hayden and Mike. Jim, we missed you!
We had so much fun cooking delicious meals together, relaxing on the big screened in porch,
walking the neighborhood and going to the beach. We also went to a fun craft fair in Dewey Beach.

Hard to believe it has been 44 years since we met at Millersville State College on the first floor of Gilbert Hall.
Very thankful for our enduring friendship!
.Friday afternoon was spent celebrating with live music and drinks at an outdoor bar.

Selfie and Smiles in the Sand and Salt Air

We all love to walk, so off we went to The Big Chill Beach Club for a breezy Sunday afternoon at the Indian River Inlet.
Hayden met us for another drink and great live music at Hammerhead’s Dockside at the Delaware Seashore State Park.

Joanne’s family beach house… charming and comfortable!
This event was rescheduled several times over the last few years….thank you, Joanne and Mike, for not giving up on us!