RV Trip 1

A quick post (to be updated later, we hope) our RV Camping trip #1 was fantastic and I can see WHY boaters sell their yachts and buy a motor home. It is ten times easier, ten times more comfortable and all systems are the same. Yes these are called “Land Yachts” and I can see why. We treaveled 2,100 miles in 3 weeks with Punkie and Shane, Radeen’s sister and brother-in-law. We used our nephew’s rig, a 31 foot Fleetwood Tioga Motor Home. I shot 2,100 photos and I still need to go through them and pick the best ones. We will make a proper summary at that point. 
We were home 10 days before moving out and back onto our boat and now, we are heading south to the Bahamas. So, this is a quick, place holder post to be updated later….Thanks for following along.