Blogging via Gmail

I have added a SPOT Satellite transmitter and I have been
experimenting with the process. The goal is to create Google Maps and
Pin locations of our sailing adventures. Being new to this technology,
I have made a SPOT page above where our most current map will be
embedded. I also have learned that these GPS coordinates will be
deleted after 30 days, so that is very disappointing and I will have
to log in at SPOT and download the coordinates for my own records. I
have much to learn about SPOT and I will be exploring this as we
sailing the Islands over the next week aboard LA40.

A second technology I am exploring is Google Blogging via email. This
blog post was sent into the site via an email. The goal here is to be able
to send in updates when we can only send text emails and when we have
no access to the Internet. We will be sailing across the Atlantic in
June 2011 and with SSB, we will be able to send text emails. So, this
is a test of that system.

We also have learned that if you attach a picture to the email, then it will be posted into the blog. So
this email has a small picture attached (320 pixels wide, 18K) in the hopes that it too will
appear on the blog. If this works, then we should be able to send blog
updates from the middle of the Atlantic along with a small picture.