2011 Prep Continues

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Hayden in the bilge, cleaning! Thanks, Radeen!

Today is our 12th day since launching. It was a FUN day…up at daybreak, 0500, working website jobs and making coffee. Then we made a list of the boat jobs needed to prepare for our sail to Maine. Today’s list was:

  1. Flush and clean the bilge! Is the pump working and is the float switch working?
  2. Change fuel filters, primary 30 micron and secondary Yanmar 
  3. Check transmission fluid and seal
  4. Replace sea water impeller
  5. Clean stainless steel with new product http://SpotlessStainless.com/
  6. Hit the pool for a swim

 So, Hayden brought the hose below and cleaned the bilge and confirmed the pump is working fine. Next, we started with the engine, drained the fuel system, removed the Racor filter and dropped in a new 30 micron fuel filter. We then replaced the Yanmar engine fuel filter and re-filled the fuel system and purged the air and ran the motor. All was great…easy jobs.

Drop the starter to gain access to the impeller cover!

Next task was to replace the sea water impeller. On the 3JH2E Yanmar the starter needs to be dropped in order to get access to the impeller. Due to this….I have not replaced this impeller for 5 years! I thought it was time. So I dropped the starter and used my cool impeller puller to remove the old one and installed a new Yanmar impeller picked up at Haven Harbor. With a slick application of lithium grease, I was able to fit the new impeller into the water pump and get the fins leaning the right way as this pump rotates clockwise when viewed from the stern.

After lunch, Radeen took on the job of using the new Spotless Stainless cleaner and sealer, treating every stanchion and the bow and stern pulpit. This stuff is FANTASTIC! She brushed on the foamy liquid with a one inch brush, let it set for 30 minutes and then hosed it off! After that, rust is removed, the stainless is sealed, and it SHINES like brand new! It took her 3 hours to do the entire boat, with no hand-rubbing and the stainless looks fabulous now.

After this, we decided to hit the marina pool and cool off as it has been hot and humid here in MD and we needed a dip. So off to the pool we went.

This fun day was wrapped up with a cocktail party on CAVU, an Island Packet 380, with good friends from IP-45 Elena Paige and IP-35 Eau de Vie. Then we all had a fun dinner at the Harbor Shack. We are so blessed and so lucky to live this cruising life and to share the adventure with great friends. “They” always say….it is not the cruising…but it is the friends you meet along the way that make it so memorable…We would have to agree!

New impeller installed, this pump rotates clockwise so the fins lean left.

Handy tool…impeller puller, used to remove the impeller

Rusty stanchion base BEFORE Radeen cleaned it cleaning

Radeen working on the stainless with SpotlessStainless.com product

Brushing SpotlessStainless on with a foam brush

The same stanchion base after cleaning, all rust removed!

REWARD….let’s hit the POOL….ahhhh!
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  1. Thanks for the tips for rusty steel. I will look for Spotless Stainless foam cuz I have several rusty light fixtures by the BBQ. Love the pics 🙂 Love u both…RL

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