An Island Packet Wedding!

IP350 Unfazed owners Bill and Vicki Fay’s son Ben got married and we were invited. How lucky were we! Ben and Kristen’s wedding was so beautiful! The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club was lovely, the weather magnificent, and we had a wonderful time.

Hayden had fun trailing the professional photographer in search of great photos of the happy couple.

Getting ready for such an elegant evening was a bit of a challenge from the boat. We miss our great sailing friends, Bill and Vicky, since they moved to Hawaii and we will miss seeing Ben and Kristen on our dock. Smooth sailing to all!

Loading Up

Packing and loading up for a 7 weeks sailing vacation is a real challenge. Every summer we move aboard our Island Packet and head off sailing for the summer. Last summer we ended up in Maine, this summer we have no plan but we do plan on spending the summer in Block Island. That is one of our favorite places, so why not spend the summer there. If all goes as planned, we will be heading for the offshore run to Block on Sunday at Noon! The high pressure is looking PERFECT for ocean sailing. Let’s hope it holds out. Here are afew photos of loading up….ugh!

Dealing with Engine Room Noise

Jeff and I have designed a new wooden toggle that will help to press the engine room doors closed and hold them tightly against the newly added foam gaskets. We hope this will reduce the engine room noise below in the cabin. The newer Island Packets have the engines placed lower in the hull making them more quiet. This 1994 boat is old school and needs some work on the decibel reduction program. This should do the trick. Now to add another layer of sound proofing to the doors. (post added via email posting!)

Island Spirit 35

Welcome to the travels of Island Spirit, an Island Packet 35 sailing yacht and Hayden and Radeen’s crusing adventures.