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We have been mapping our cruising trips for many years. Back in 2007-2012 we used Google Maps and we would physically, by hand, and with Internet access, place a pin down at every anchorage or every dock. We even added photos to these Google Map pins. This was very time-consuming. Then in 2012 we started using a SPOT transmitter and we would press the button at each key point of a voyage and this would place the map pin automatically. Then we discovered that SPOT deletes your map pins after 30 days, this was not a viable solution if we wanted to build our map archive. Enter SPOTWALLA.com, this person solved that. In 2013 we connected our Spot account over to our Spotwalla account and now the map pins are saved forever, thanks to Jason! This is a great solution. In 2016 we moved to the In-Reach by Delorme/Garmin and now we have the device set to place a map pin down whenever the boat is moving. This device will also allow us to send text messages to the map pins as well as to Facebook, Twitter and our gmail contacts. This is a fantastic upgrade and we look forward to using this to map our travels. Enjoy our maps.

Our CURRENT LIVE Trip Map for 2018-2019
Starting in Rock Hall, MD, destination Grenada

All our trips via GARMIN INREACH MAP 

Map Archives
The Caribbean Sea to Florida to the Maryland
this map shows us starting in Puerto Rico where we picked up our hurricane damaged boat. We then shipped her from St. Thomas to Stuart Florida where we spent the winter on repairs with Mack Sails. Then we did a shake down sail to the Berrys and then an ocean run to HOME. Too late to return to the Caribbean Sea.


Here are ALL our Spotwalla Trip Maps on one page

Fl to Bahamas to Caribbean Sea (store boat in Fajardo Puerto Rico)



MD to FL to the Bahamas back to Florida


MD to FL to Bahamas to BVI (jet) to MD

FL to Exumas to MD

EXUMAS Bahamas Map

MD-Abacos Bahamas

Our Google Maps of our travels.

2013 Maps

2012 Maps (ICW MD to Bahamas + Lake Okeechobee)

2011 Maps (ICW MD-FL and Bahamas)

2009 Maps (Summer trip to Maine via NYC, Long Island and Offshore)

2008 Maps (Summer in Block Island, RI)

2007 Maps

2006 Maps