Chesapeake Bay to Rock Hall MD

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Island Spirit’s bow reaches the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
in our HOME waters!

We set a new record running north as we ran 87 nautical miles from Portsmouth VA up the Elizabeth River to the Chesapeake Bay and north to the Honga River, where we dropped the hook after 13 hours of motor sailing.

We are running with our team leader, SP Catspaw as we make our way home to Rock Hall, MD. Day two, we ran 67 nautical miles from the Honga River to Rock Hall, MD departing at 0601 and arriving RHMD at 1800.

Photo from SP Catspaw as we reach the bridge
Thank you Carey

Passing under the center span of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge returns us to our “HOME” waters, a place where we have sailed since 1984. We recall when leaving the sight of the Rock Hall Water Towers seemed like a long way “out” on the water and we would quickly turn around if we lost sight of them. Now, with 2,500+ nautical miles under our keel since October, 22, 2011, the Bay seems a bit smaller.

Radeen…on the bow at the Bay Bridge, 2012…..we did it…

Hayden, happy and proud to accomplish our first year aboard

It is funny how your perspective keeps changing as you sail more, travel greater distances, and discover new horizons. We now think that running to Miami is simply a bunch of 50 mile days or a few offshore legs. We still enjoy the Bay, and we feel very much at home here, and we especially feel at home in Rock Hall, MD. We know the people, we have good friends here, and we have the support of the Island Packet Yacht Dealer, Gratitude Yachting who hooked us on sailing Island Packets back in 1988. Thank you, Ed Kurowski, we are still enjoying the ride.

Our HOME docks
Gratitude Yachting Logo

So, as we cross the sand bar off town and round G”5″ near the familiar Rock Hall tower, we motor into Swan Creek, waving at the Gratitude Yachting Center staff and thanking them for the many happy years and dreams their boats have given us.

Beyond Gratitude, we pull into Spring Cove Marina, where we have docked our boats since 1991. Madelyn Reni, the owner, is such a good friend and she always makes us feel welcome and at home. She also provided a slip for our Team Leader, buddy boat and good friend, Carey, on SP Catspaw. Thank you, Madelyn, for welcoming us back… It is great to be HOME…..

see our GOOGLE MAP OF 2,500+ nautical miles….what a year
Note: Full summary and reflection post to follow….
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  1. What can I say?


    It must be bitter sweet now that you and the crew of Cutter Loose will be parting ways for now.

    that's a great shot of Island Spirit headed towards the bridge.

    thanks for sharing the journey.

    I look forward to the future.

  2. Well done Hayden and Radeen.
    Thanks for sharing it with us, what a eye opener for our trip next year.

    BTW. I took the Mack Boring course on your recommendation and it was well worth it, thanks for that too.

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