Jib Room and Beyond

…Hayden and Craig work the Rake n Scrap w/Jason….

Team Island Spirit has been exploring from the Jib Room in Marsh Harbor, out and about on the Sea of Abaco. With fun and easy day sails to Man O War Cay, Hope Town and Tahiti Beach, we have crossed the vast Sea of Abaco four times now and we have sailed every single leg! Life is so easy when you base out of Marsh Harbor because every location is within seven to ten miles, so there is never a long trip to any of these great locations. Over at Man O Way Cay, we anchored off the lee side in 10 feet of water where our manly 55 lb ROCNA Anchor (named “ROCKY”) securely watched over the yacht while we explored the biennial Sojer Day festivities on the Island. 

The Abaco Rage, local race boat
We enjoyed meeting Mr. Albury of Albury Boat Works, makers of the finest runabouts in the Abacos. The girls enjoyed the handcrafts of the talented sailmakers and canvas makers of Albury Sail Loft. Lifting anchor, we deployed a full 135% jib and sailed right back into Marsh Harbor, returning to our Jib Room dock! Tonight was Saturday night, and that means STEAK NIGHT at the Jib Room. Marvin is THE BEST CHEF in Abaco and his 24 hour marinated steaks are THE BEST. This is a must visit event when in Abaco. After dinner, it was time to work on our RAKE n SCRAPE skills along with JASON who is our teacher. Following Rake n Scrape we were entertained by the amazing DESMOND, the KING of LIMBO! Life is great in Abaco on a cruising sailboat, and Wendy and Craig are fitting right in…..

Here are a few photos of the scene
Team Island Spirit walking home from the grocery store

Wendy and Craig sharing their music on Island Spirit

Homemade bread and red wine compliment a simple dinner

The cold front arrives!

IP420 True North Debi and Dennis explore Man-O-War with Wendy and Craig

This is the SUN HAT Parade…..on Man-O-War

Overlooking the reef ocean side on Man-O-War Cay

Another crowded day on the beach

Wendy enjoying the beach and the beautiful blue water

Radeen working the sun hat with a smile

Jib Room Chef, MARVIN, grilling the steaks….that’s 50 steaks at a time!

Stephen and fiance, Bradley, share a photo for Team Island Spirit

The Jib Room is such a wonderful place! Great atmosphere!

Desmond teaching Destiny how to Rake n Scrape

Jason teaching Craig the Rake n Scrape technique

Desmond warming up for the limbo challenge
Yes….sailing from the Jib Room is simply a great life. I can see why so many cruisers base out of here for an entire season. Our next leg will take us over to NIPPERS for the Sunday Pig Roast and some stunt kite flying on the beach. Looking forward to that….as soon as we check out of the docks at the Jib Room…..

Sail Hope Town Sail

…Sailing shot via GoPro on a Boat Hook..

…And that is exactly what we did, we sailed off Tahiti Beach to Hope Town, dropped anchor, then sailed from Hope Town back to Marsh Harbor where we returned to the Jib Room for another “Cruisers Gathering” and musical jam session. What a great time, we are so blessed with such great friends and a great cruising lifestyle….

My best story is always via photos

The beauty of HopeTown
Wendy and Craig take in the view, looking out to Island Spirit
Let’s play the Hope Town Architecture Game….find this…
….and find this vista…..
Did I tell you Craig loves to sail…..Wendy says, Hey, it is WINDY!
THIS is NOT windy…..this was downwind from Tahiti Beach
Wendy, Craig, Debbie, Steve, and Wendy enjoy the Jib Room

Cruisers’ Jam Session, How Much FUN!
Linda, the Owner of the Jib Room also enjoyed the Cruisers’ Jam Session

I told you we sailed, and sailed lazy, Jib only 

Sailing north from Tahiti Beach, beautiful morning rush hour!

Tomorrow….we are expecting a storm front to arrive from Florida. This front has a serious record of damage and high winds and even hail. For that reason, we returned to a slip at the JIB ROOM and we will wait it out there…..Thanks for following along….

Tahiti Beach is Tough to Beat

…Team Island Spirit storms Tahiti Beach…..

We sailed Craig and Wendy, ahhh, rather, Craig sailed all of us to Tahiti Beach, just south of Hopetown. Of course, this was directly UPWIND, so we tacked 4 times until we finally had to add the “iron jenny” to reach the corner where we could turn south for Tahiti Beach. Dropping anchor around 1230, we immediately deployed the tender, and hit da Sand Bar. Yes, we knew it would be near high tide, but hey, this is TAHITI BEACH, and it matters NOT what the tides are, as it is still really cool to play here.

Taking the tender up onto the sand bar is always fun, and then you toss out an anchor and jump onto the sand. We walked out to the point of the sand bar and then all the way back and around the east side to the ocean cut. Along the way, we found beautiful conch shells and enjoyed spectacular vistas across the jagged rocky shore and into the deep blue ocean. Walking back to the sandbar, we reclaimed the tender off her anchor and returned to the “mother ship” for relaxation and reflection. The galley soon was cooking and by 1800 hrs we enjoyed a delicious pasta meal with Wendy’s homemade sauce, salad and homemade bread. Pay no attention to that red wine, but I heard Wendy had one! After dinner, the live band arrived, and it was concert time once again with some of the finest guitar riffs and crystal clear lyrics sung by our Team Island Spirit musical director, Craig! What a great day. Does it get any better?

Here are a few photos of this special place…..

Craig is a great sailor!  We sailed upwind for several tacks, as our destination was…

Wendy explores the Tahiti Beach sandbar

Radeen taking in the view and sporting the sun gear

Radeen, maxing out the sun protection on Tahiti Beach

The tender, BUNS II, with Island Spirit in the distance in the deeper blue water

Wendy and Craig, good buddies enjoying Tahiti Beach

The Captain, Hayden taking a break on the tender

Wendy and Craig, walking back from the ocean side
See, you don’t need curlers and a blow dryer, your hair looks GREAT!

Chinese Laundry Boat?….nope….just post-shower time

The BAND and Craig jam out on Team Island Spirit

Enjoying the sunset, and a glass of wine

Rock on Craig, you are soooooooo talented, thank you for the great music

Another fun day sailing, beach combing and walking Tahiti Beach, made even better with good friends. Tomorrow, we will poke our bow into Hopetown, or anchor off and dinghy into town, for a quick pre-tour. Then we will move back to the Jib Room and prep for this next cold front. Our Weather guru, Chris Parker, says it could be a very strong one. Can’t think of a better spot to be stuck than the Jib Room…..

It is Better in the Bahamas

It is true, it really is BETTER in Da Bahamas, mon….and it is honestly FAR better when your friends show up with a full backup band, guitar, tons of lyrics, great songs, and a cheerleader! Yes, Wendy and Craig have made it to Island Spirit and the fun began within SECONDS of their arrival. Boarding around 1530 hrs, we loaded their gear, and by 1700 hrs Craig was entertaining a group of good friends and fellow boaters at the JIB ROOM.

This location, the Jib Room, is really a great location to take on your guest, and to enjoy the beautiful facilities, pool, restaurant, bath house, laundry and bar. Tom and Linda and son Stephen have really built an outstanding cruisers’ home. Bartender Jason will really look after you and makes a wicked drink called a BILGE BURNER from a secret recipe of five different RUMs in it and a little juice.

By the way, here is proof that I really DID clean da boat before Wendy and Craig arrived. Look, I even washed the “Company Seats” as evidence by this photo below….

In the morning, we had a BREAD BAKING lesson, with “Blondie” our good buddy on IP420, True North. Here is Hayden and Debbie after the bread backing lesson by “Dough Boy!”

Lucky for us, we are docked to the massives Jib Room Piers, which at low tide are about 3 feet above the boat deck. We will come and got from this dock as we wish, allowing for us to sail into the Jib Room for Rib Night, and or Steak Night if we can work that out. There also is a major front arriving Friday with projected winds and squalls of 40-70 knots! What? Yes, they actually said 70 knots!

The fleet gathered on the deck at the Jib Room and we all enjoyed the music by Craig and Bob.

Look, this is an aft cabin, and IT IS EMPTY! This may not seem like a big deal, but ask any cruiser what they aft cabin looks like and they will tell you….NOT LIKE THIS. Where is all the STUFF?

 Craig, using his best talents, playing guitar and singing….

Craig our Music Man and Wendy our Cheerleader….

“We are NOT in KANSAS any more!” This is Alan, IP420 Flatlander from Kansas, and Radeen.

Bob, IP40 Voyager, playing guitar and singing along with Craig. What an added treat. Our Island Placet Fleet has so many interesting members. Thank you, Bob, for your added music and harmonica playing…

Dennis and Debbie, i.e. Blondie of IP420 True North, enjoying the music and the fun times…

Steve, IP38 Slow Flight and good friend Wendy pose for photo boy….

Cliff, IP40 Navigator enjoying the music with Craig and asking for requests….

What a FANTASTIC night, as usual, when Wendy and Craig join Team Island Spirit. Tomorrow, we plan to sail directly to TAHITI BEACH and play all day on the sandbar and beach swimming and kite flying. After that, we may move up to HOPETOWN for a walk in town and a chance at getting some of Vernon’s Coconut Bread……

Excitement Builds

…Island Spirit’s first dock in nearly TWO MONTHS!….

We are excited for our good friends “Cheerleader Wendy” and “Music Man Craig” to arrive for a week of fun and relaxation. These good buddies met us in Key West last year and we really had a wonderful time. This year, they will explore the Abacos with us. In preparation for their arrival, we have taken a dock at the JIB ROOM. We are so excited to stay here for a few days, at the best spot in Marsh Harbor. This is the location of the famous Wednesday RIB/BBQ CHICKEN NIGHTS and Saturday STEAK NIGHTS. They have a nice laundry, swimming pool, bar, and very friendly resident owners and staff. This makes it a great place to take on guests and to move bags onboard. It also is the center of the beautiful Sea of Abaco.

Nipper’s Easter Egg hunt in the surf and on the beach

Yesterday was EASTER, so Radeen and I sailed over to Nipper’s for their Sunday PIG ROAST and their yearly Easter Egg Hunt which happens in the ocean! After the young children hunt for eggs in the sand, everyone else puts on snorkel masks and fins and, at the start gun, swims out to the reef to find hidden eggs. These eggs have numbers on them that match prizes posted up on the overlooking deck. Last year it was too windy to swim, so the eggs and prizes were buried in the sand and the various age groups dig within identified sections. We enjoyed the buffet with Mark on IP40 Down Island and his family, Debbie on IP29 Illusions, and John and Elise aboard non-IP Spunky.

Radeen made Hayden a nice Easter Basket

Radeen made me a special Easter Egg Basket, with two eggs, and one ZINC EGG in my tool bag. I think she was trying to tell me I need to dive the boat and replace the missing EGG ZINC on the propeller shaft. Some of the tools are new – what a treat! Notice the York Peppermint Patty, too. She really know how to spoil me, how fun :-)!

Kids always enjoy the beach egg hunt

Hayden and Radeen sporting their EASTER Hats at Nipper’s

The sail back to Marsh Harbor was a SALTY one!

Nipper’s, looking over the deck and the beach
In our slip at the Jib Room,we enjoyed a FUN gathering of Island Packet Buddies
Kathy IP Flatlander, Debbie IP True North, Radeen IP Island Spirit
Not pictured are Alan, Dennis, Hayden and Steve on IP38 Slow Flight

Life tied up to a dock is certainly EASY….endless water, power, bathhouses, pools, pubs, docks, walks, laundry and just a SIMPLE LIFE…..oh, how quickly we are spoiled….This will NOT last :-)!