Bermuda Docks

Hayden and Radeen Bermuda streets

We are side tied to the customs dock living aboard Larking About and enjoying Bermuda as we wait for a weather window to sail back to Maryland. St. George’s is a quaint and lovely English Town with the famous White Horse Tavern just off our stern and the town square to our beam. We can easily walk to beaches, the dinghy club and of course many shops in the town. We had the honor of meeting Bernie, the honorary host to all arriving yachts at Bermuda. Bernie arrived on his moped and shared stories over a cup of coffee and a lovely visit. We plan to depart Bermuda on Thur or Friday, most likely Friday as this presents the best window for sailing home.

Larking About at the Customs Dock

Bernie visits team Larking About

One of the beautiful beaches we walked to for a swim

The Customs Dock with Larking About aft the pilot boat

Last Night, a beautiful night time shot

Adventures START

Hayden, Jason and Whitney

 We have started off our year of cruising and travel with a full set of adventures beginning with a family wedding in Philadelphia. A fantastic reception at the Constitution Center was perfect for a history teaching Groom and a BEAUTIFUL Bride. Jason and Whitney’s wedding was incredible and made us proud to be included. After this capstone event, we returned home to swap the wedding clothes for our ocean sailing gear and begin our trek towards BERMUDA. We will crew on, an Island Packet 40 footer returning to the Chesapeake Bay.

Up she goes onto the AAA tow truck

We loaded our bags, digital devices, laptops, iPads, GPS SPOT, sailing harnesses, gloves, night watch caps, fleece, and wind pants, tossed in a few t-Shirts, swimming suits and shorts and we were off. We luckily planned to spend the night at the airport which would allow us a place to park our car for 2 weeks and then not have to deal with the AM traffic rush. What was NOT planned was a car break down in Essington, south of the Airport, where our starter decided to stop working.

We tried jumping it as well as beating it with a hammer attempting to get the starter over the “flat spot” issue it seems to have. FORGET IT, let’s get this thing towed to the hotel, where we were staying just one block down the road and deal with it when we get back. Enter AAA tow truck driver, STEVE, and we have a new suggestion. Steve picked up the car and took it 4 miles away to where they will replace the starter while we are away. PERFECT solution!

“Goldie” gets her first ride on a tow truck

So, our year has started off with excitement and adventure and that is what it is all about. This little episode reminded us of our motivational quote…

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

We think we reacted well to this small curve ball. After all, we didn’t miss the wedding and we didn’t miss our flight!

Tomorrow it will be far, far away as we arrive in Bermuda and meet John and Nancy aboard Larking About!

Radeen with Debbie, mother of the Groom

Compound & Wax

Island Spirit, an IP 35 Under Shrink Wrap

Finally we have begun the spring prep on Island Spirit with a weekend of compounding and waxing the boat. We have done this now for 20 years, and every year I say NEVER AGAIN….but then I forget and I do it anyway. Well, let me tell you, compounding and waxing an Island Packet 35′ sailboat is like waxing a tractor trailer. I am always glad we did not buy a larger boat at this time of the year.

Last year was the best year for doing this job because we WROTE A CHECK! Jeff, my good buddy and I decided we had enough of this waxing process and called Clazey Detailing who gave us a two boat discount and charged us $325.00 to compound and wax. WHAT A DEAL, but this year, no deals, the fee was $500 and we decided to do it our self once again. It really does not take that long, but it is tough on your back, arms and shoulders. The times it takes is….2 hrs to compound one side and 1 hr to wax one side, for a total job of 6 hours. So for $500 that equals $83/hr for my work. Not great, but I will take the savings.

Here are some photos of the fun….

Radeen helps with SLX fiberglass cleaner and etches and cleans the waterline

Cut the cover up to the deck, and wash the hull. This give us a few more weeks under cover.

Climb up on scaffolding and compound the hull, round one

Round two….wax the entire hull, we use Collinite Cleaner and then Fiberglass Wax

Radeen with Island Spirit

These small buffers get heavy after a few hours of working overhead

VERY rare scene….Island Spirit is LAST in the empty boat yard

NEXT TASK….Fly to BERMUDA and crew on an Island Packet 40 called Larking About sailing her back home to Rock Hall, MD. Our Trans-Atlantic voyage on her has been canceled due to a very serious illness in the owner’s family. We will cross the Atlantic next summer.

So, we will stay on schedule with our flights out to Bermuda on June 13 and instead of heading EAST out of St. Georges Harbor, we will head WEST for the Chesapeake Bay some 650 miles away. Once back, we will launch Island Spirit on June 21, first day of SUMMER and our program will begin.

Summer plans are to enjoy Rock Hall through the July 4th events and then sail for Acadia Maine for the summer…in the Fall we will move to Annapolis, MD and then November we will make the run south to the Bahamas. ….welcome to Island Spirit season #10….the blog is up and running again!

Building LOFT railings

The access ladder up to gym

More fun was had building a new 3rd floor LOFT / Gym railing. This room is up on the third floor and is reached via a very cool handmade ladder up into the room. The room is our gym where we have a treadmill, bike and weight bench with dumb bells. The room is 12′ x 15′ with cable TV and a 4′ x 4′ sky light. It is a great room and we have enjoyed it for years, now it was time to finish off the railing. Here are some photos of this house job. Soon, very soon…..we will move aboard and be back sailing the sea…

Looking up into gym, with new railing

In the Gym / loft with the new railing

New gate and latch

The gym